Rachelle Mee-Chapman

Hello. I’m Rachelle Mee-Chapman and I launched Magpie Girl in January 2007 as a landing place for my words and images. At the time I had a lovely studio in Seattle and had just begun my life as a professional writer-artist—a vocational add-on to my "already worlds" of being an ordained non-traditional minister and the mother of two bright girls, and one promising teenager adopted-by-affection.

In January 2008 I closed my state-side studio and began a new adventure as an immigrant artist in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since that time I’ve seen Magpie Girl grow to become a landing place for two main groups:

1) Soulful Creatives: imaginative folks who are trying to nurture the connection between their art and their spirituality.

2) The Malcontents’ Club: a delightful group of misfits of the Jesus-y (or not) variety who need new ways of practicing their core values, minus the dogma. (Sometimes known as recovering evangelicals in Magpie-speak.)

As of this writing, over 55,000 unique visitors have come to this site. I am so grateful for everyone who is reading and living along with me! Coaching these folks and learning from them is like an IV drip for my soul. Together we are filling up the Giant Pool of Wisdom and building our Soultribes, because I’m a firm believer that there ain’t no place to go but together.

Rachelle Mee-Chapman

Rachelle Mee-Chapman has been working as a community builder and alternative minister since 1992. She has a BA in Philosophy with an emphasis in social ethics from Seattle Pacific University; and Master’s in Applied  Theology from Regent College, where she studied under Eugene Peterson.  Her Master’s Thesis was on religious rituals for contemporary churches which lead her to specialize in helping congregations adapt historic liturgies for modern and post-modern settings.

Rachelle served as an ordained minister in the Association of Vineyard Churches where she was one of the first women to be ordained outside of a pastoral-couple relationship. While there she worked primarily with children, women, artists and homeless youth. She then co-founded a neo-monastic community, Monkfish Abbey, in Seattle, WA, where she served as the Abbess. Upon moving overseas, she has focused her time on writing and online spiritual direction.

Rachelle has been a guest lecturer at Baake Graduate School, Seattle Pacific University, and Seattle University. She was a workshop presenter for Emergent, and served as a consultant with Emerging Women, Allelon, and Mars Hill Graduate School. She’s been a columnist for Lumunos, a Contributing Editor of Religion and Spirituality at BlogHer, and has work published at Voca Femina, Next Wave, and Huffington Post.